Other Futures


Other Futures is a multidisciplinary festival and exhibition that presents speculative visions of the future. It is also an online and offline platform for makers and thinkers of other futures.

The Board of Other Futures is pleased to announce a new artistic lead team has been appointed to prepare the festival's third edition. Ward Janssen and Manique Hendricks have taken the role of artistic directors of Other Futures; their credentials, experience, and curiosity to explore make them the right team to take Other Futures onwards.

Manique and Ward: ‘We look forward to building on the Other Futures legacy with excited, hungry and curious energy as artistic directors. We will do this as a duo to fully and gladly combine our individual strengths and views on how to explore, through contemporary art, design and philosophy, a future for a more interesting planet that is sci-fi pluriform, fluid, lush and fiercely introspective. That future has the capacity to be empathic, caring and emotionally ambitious. Our collectively lived future can only be founded on ideas that should be fundamentally queer, more fantastical and collaboratively dreamt up by everyone who will live in it. It is an honour to take up this mantle and we cherish the possibility to find out how we will go forth with Other Futures together with the audience, the team, the many artists and thinkers whose visions Other Futures was founded on and built for.

Ward and Manique started their new role in September and have been working since on their vision for the next edition of the festival, which will take place in Amsterdam in 2024.