​“If we can’t imagine things to come on this continent, how can we get that future we cannot see…?”

Cinema is by definition about being freed from time and space, according to Bekolo: “Can we see other futures for the continent beyond these apocalyptic perspectives of hunger, droughts, migrations, wars, epidemics?”

​Jean-Pierre Bekolo (Cameroon) on his erotic sci-fi thriller Les Saignantes: “I was not trying to make a sci-fi film, I was trying to speculate, to ask the ‘What If question. I was maybe trying to make a ‘cautionary tale’ by saying ‘if we continue like this, this is what we might end up with’."

It is 150 years from now. Several African cities have grown into one big metropolis. In Naked Reality the inhabitants are controlled by the immortals who have taken over their whole being.

Saturday, 17.30: Les Saignantes

Sunday, 15.45: Naked Reality + Q&A