“It is to shock, to inspire, to have fun, to cry, to be moved, every possible reaction, in any which way…"

Composer, author and punk rock director Khavn (Philippines) has made over 47 features and 112 short films. This “Father of Philippine digital filmmaking” seeks out and goes beyond the limits in his lo-fi films like Mondomanila, a hyper-realistic documentary cum absurd musical about the slums of Manila.

Friday, 19.45: EDSA XXX. Nothing Ever Changes in the Ever-Changing Republic of Ek-Ek-Ek (image) is a musical satire on the political chaos in 2030 and a fictitious country highly reminiscent of the Philippines.

Friday 21.45: In Alipato, The Very Brief Life of an Ember, Khavn combines fantasy and crime in an account of a plundering and murdering band of young kids, who after a long prison sentence disappear in a mysterious manner, one by one. + Q&A