Other Futures

Kübra Uzun

​Istanbul-based singer, songwriter, DJ and LGBTI+ activist Kübra Uzun (Q-Bra) asks: How can we reshape the norms imposed on us by society? What are the courses of ‘transitioning’ – with its multiple meanings – as a form of existence and defense mechanism? Uzun wrote and sang ALAN2020, the song that became the Istanbul Pride Anthem in June 2020. In collaboration with Volksbühne Berlin/Next Waves Theatre, Uzun also transformed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's cannon, KV 560, performing all four of the different voices and characters in the video piece.

Together, Kübra Uzun and van Saarloos created the audio installation Cruising Gezi Park, an oral history about queer sex, protest, the false promise of visibility and surveillance; the symposium ‘The Architecture of Sex’; and Through the Window, a solidarity project between queer artists in Turkey and the Netherlands.