Other Futures

Max Mollon

​A performance/talk on the transformation and hybridization of species with:

artist and choreographer Rocio Berenguer (SP), known for her G5 conference: the first interspecies conference at which not only people made presentations but also an animal, plants, robots and a meteorite. With G5, Berenguer used a mix of theatre, new media and science to investigate ways of respecting other forms of life on earth.
Middle East-rooted, Swiss-trained and Paris-based Max Mollon, a designer and conflict facilitator who uses design fictions to spark debate. What needs to be dismantled today to emancipate certain futures from the oppression of the dominant narrative propagated by Western societies?

These performances are a part of the CIRCLE TALKS titled HYBRI_DATE. Four CIRCLE TALKS invite participants from different disciplines, removing the boundaries between experts and audience.