Other Futures

Shambhavi Kaul

‚ÄčShambhavi Kaul is a filmmaker and editor based in India and the United States. She is Associate Professor of the Practice of Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke University. In her work she expresses questions of space, memory and geography. She uses editing strategies that evoke an affective response, but also speak to our capacity to know what we encounter. At Other Futures, she will give a talk that includes the presentation of her short films and other audiovisual works: Hijacked (2017), Night Noon (2014), Mount Song (2013), Chitrakoot (2012), Scene 32 (2009), Fallen Objects (2015), In Flight (2017), and Safe Travels (2017).

Kaul will be in conversation with Julian Ross (NL/UK/JP), researcher, lecturer, writer and film curator of Other Futures.