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OPEN CALL: 'Khawagaka' workshop by Rully Shabara / ZOO


Open call for a workshop about 'Khawagaka': the teachings of an ancestral manuscript, covering basic elements in its belief system (creation, faith, commandments, history, guidance, and prophecy). The Khawagaka used a language called Zufrasi and a writing system called Zugrafi. The manuscript has recently been translated into Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and English. 

Posted by Sascha Roth

Rully Shabara is the lead vocalist of ZOO, a pioneering band in Indonesian noise rock experimentation. Formed in Yogyakarta, the band evolved into an ongoing conceptual project that gradually introduces the (re-)invention of a post-apocalyptic civilization with each of their last four albums. They created the narrative about the prehistoric 'Samasthamarta' and its 'Khawagaka' teachings, along with its own language and writing system, relics and rituals.

- The Workshop will be an introduction to the Khawagaka project: how its language and writing system were created and how it works.

- The participants of the workshop will be guided to create their own mantra/prayers/chants using the Zufrasi language and perform their creation in a choir with ZOO during Other Futures Festival 2021.

- The workshop requires 2-3x one to two hours of online sessions.

- No singing experience required!

To submit your entry, and for more details, please contact: khawagaka@gmail.com

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