Other Futures

Games 6 November


​This narrative horror game is set in the daily life of Indonesian society. Interact with mystical objects as you explore haunted places, unravel their lingering mysteries, and experience how Indonesian myths and taboos shape the course of your nights. Pamali was made by Story Tale Studios.



CARRION is an inverted horror game in which you assume the role of an amorphous creature of unknown origins. You chase other creatures that have caught you, while spreading panic around. As you grow and evolve, you develop more and more skills for taking revenge. This game was made by Phobia Game Studio.



​Antagonia is a VR-experience that takes place in a hallucinatory version of the planet Mars, where a geneticist tries to save humanity’s future by mixing his own DNA with minerals, plants, and animals. Made by Teatro Holofrenico.



​​Shelter 3 is a game made by Might and Delight in which wisdom, empathy and leadership play an important role in your survival. As a new mother, you must nurture your calf, but you must also take responsibility for the whole herd, protecting old and young from lurking predators and the threat of starvation. What’s more, the matriarch has given you the responsibility of leading the herd to an important destination and difficult choices will need to be made on the way.



​Panoramical is a beautiful exploration of sound and colour. You will discover the ways in which you can shape colour, form and sound. Designer David Kanaga describes it as a new kind of video game that offers an immersive musical adventure through space and time.