• New location for Other Futures: historical canal house Felix Meritis


    Other Futures is one of the first festivals to be hosted in the newly renovated and remodelled historical monument Felix Meritis, set to reopen in the spring of 2021.
    Originally built in 1776 the building has always served as a location for fine arts and science, varying from live music in the concerthall and drawing classes in the drawing room to stargazing through a telescope on the rooftop observatory. Make sure to stay tuned and join our newsletter to get updates and info on dates and tickets.



    Crowdfunding has been realised!
    With your help, we will be able to invite three international artists to make performances or art especially for Other Futures in April. Thank you for your support!

    Want to know more? Visit our page at Voordekunst.

  • SAVE THE DATE: Other Futures returns in April 2020


    Other Futures returns
    Mark the 10th, 11th and 12th in your agenda! On those days, Other Futures Festival will return to Amsterdam to bring you a weird and mind-shifting weekend and a day. Want to know more about our program? Subscribe to our social media pages (FaceBook, Instagram) and we'll keep you up to date.



    Our jury has selected twelve talented, visionary writers to participate in Envisioning Other Futures. Congratulations Lucia van den Brink, Lara Rose Eikamp, Jasper Griepink, Anna Hoetjes, Yannick de Jong, Juliacks, Corianne Oosterbaan Germaine van der Sanden, Victoria M Thomas, Mariëlle Verdijk, Storm Vogel and Vivienne Wong! We are very curious to see what you will create during the workshop.

    Thank you to everyone who submitted their work to us! ✏️